Greek pages from Share International magazine | Contents in English

Articles by the Master --, through Benjamin Creme

A list of the Master's articles in these pages.

  1. The Son of Man
    (followed by questions and answers on Maitreya's mission)

  2. Sharing

  3. The Return of the Christ

  4. Initiation

  5. Maitreya's Mission

  6. Sharing for peace

  7. The case for sharing

  8. The call to service

  9. The people's voice

  10. The One who knocks

  11. The end of hunger

  12. The New Life

  13. A new realism

  14. The path to divinity

  15. A world in change

  16. Maitreya's voice

  17. The age of Miracles has no end

  18. Humanity must choose

* * *